Exploring the history and experiences of mixed heritage persons and inter-racial relationships across the world

MIDS Update

November 5th, 2011

I woke up this morning with the realisation that some of you, my precious readers, may think that I have given up on the project since I have not done much recently.  I will assure you that I have not turned my back on this project but after over a year of investment in time and money, reality has set in and I have had to try and get a job.  Mixed In Different Shades has been relegated to hobby/pastime status hence the lack of action.

Chocolate Covered WorldThere is so much more I want to do with the project.   This morning, I am working on the chapter about Zanzibar with chapters on the Seychelles, South Africa, Brazil, Chile and Cuba remaining in the 1st Edition.  Blog post ideas include a look at Albinism and at the Indian Islands in a similar vein as the African Atlantic ‘Mestizo’ Islands ‘post.  I have yet to produce a video and ideas here include one entitled ‘We’re All Mixed’ and a book trailer.  As for the tour, I may have to seek sponsorship for that sometime in the future when the chapters are more complete.  I am considering adding a few more countries to the 1st edition based on readership support from Mexico and Sri Lanka but I will see how I get on with those already on the cards.

I believe in this project, it is the only one of its kind for mixed people.  There are many contemporary mixed projects vying for your attention and I know many of you follow one or more of them but this project’s aim is to expand your knowledge and to explore how we came to be.

I am grateful for the support so far and I sincerely hope that your support will continue.  Don’t forget to introduce the project to your family and friends; nothing is more motivating for a writer than knowing that a growing number of people appreciate your work.