Exploring the history and experiences of mixed heritage persons and inter-racial relationships across the world


Group of Children of different races
Creole, Basters, Berber, Burgher, Caboclo, Cafres, Casta, Castizo, Coloured, Eurasian, Mestee, Mestizo, Mulatto, Pardo, Redbone ……… all different names given to mixed heritage people over the centuries (see this page for more examples). Many cultures have evolved names for mixed heritage people in their societies, some words being borrowed from other cultures and languages. Some of the terms have derogatory meaning in one part of the world and are entirely acceptable and proudly borne in other parts of the world, please remember this as you read throughout this website.

The site does not aim to make mixed heritage people out to be better or superior to any other peoples; as we should well know - superiority or inferiority are but a state of mind. Inter-racial relationships prove that we can love each other and mixed heritage people are the living proof that humankind is one species and and that underneath the white, black, yellow, red and brown skin, we are basically all the same and basically all individually different, truly mixed in different shades.

Join in and contribute but remember this is a work of love in progress.