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MIDS 6 Month Review

February 7th, 2011

Today is my birthday and just over a year and a month ago I handed in my 6 months’ notice to resign and it is over 6 months since I released ‘Mixed In Different Shades’ on an unsuspecting world.  Now would be a good time to stop and review the situation.  I must admit I expected to be in a better position with the project than I am now.

I set a target of 15,000 fans on which I will approach an established publisher as proof of an adequate market for works such as this and I was hoping to be generating a little income to contribute to at least living expenses on the ‘tour’.  So far I have achieved over 3,600 fans gained mostly by pay per click advertising and have achieved next to zero income.

However despite the disappointment, the tour will go ahead since the project is not the only reason why I want to travel.  The continued project’s growth and my deep fascination with the subject matter mean that I will continue to run Mixed In Different Shades and will continue to try and grow the fan base, the website traffic and the income stream.  I will aim to review the situation again in 3 months.

I thank all who have so far encouraged and supported the project and look forward to the next three months with much hope.