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Statistics and A Pinch of Salt

October 18th, 2010

“Women care about the race of their partners far more than men, all things equal (in fact, much of the literature suggests men are not concerned about race very much when you control for other background variables).” (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp/2010/10/female-race-consciousness-as-prudence/).

That sounds like a reasonable statement and is based on research findings.  In fact if we observe current black women’s view that ‘there is not enough black men’, it would appear to be true…. of  Americans.   A recent question on the Facebook page made a general observation that more black men date white women than the other way around.  I cannot berate observation – many scientists have become unstuck claiming things are not what they seem and then later having to accept that they are.  Humans are great observers when we want to be.  But again the observation is based on a limited physical and social scope of the person making the observation, the trend is reversed in other parts of the world.

Am I likely to get every blogger, publication and others to try and specify the limit of the scope of their findings, observations and statistics? I doubt it.  All I am saying is that when you read some of this stuff, including MIDS articles, be aware of the limitations and the bias, you will be better informed for it.